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UAE Israel Innovation Office

Making History.  Together.

Making history. Together.

The UAE Israel Innovation Office was formed with the sole purpose of assisting governmental agencies, public and private businesses conduct business between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

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About The Founder

The Passion Behind the Business


Mr. Carni is the Founder & CEO of the UAE Israel Joint Innovation Office.  After founding and selling 2 of his companies he was an active angel investor in the first-ever Israeli company sold to Google. 

He then founded "Innovation Israel" where he promoted Israeli technology and innovation worldwide. Throughout the years Mr. Carni brought hundreds of business people, delegations and foreign governments to Israel while showcasing Israeli innovation and technology.

Mr. Carni's passions include lecturing about his personal "Start-Up Nation" story abroad and transforming them into lovers of Israel.

Gilad Carni

Founder & CEO

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Our Services


Bringing Israeli Technology and Innovation to the United Arab Emirates

Companies working with the UAE Israel Innovation Office will have access to Israel's most innovative and cutting edge technologies including infrastructure, renewable energy, cybersecurity, digital development technologies, ‘Smart City’ solutions, agrotech, digital services, transportation, digital health services, precision agriculture, drone technologies, and digital financial services.

Making Business Connections Between the  Countries

We will help facilitate investments into Israeli companies including scouting, due diligence, partnership agreements, joint ventures and equity purchases.

Represent and Consult UAE Companies in Israel

We will be your eyes and ears in Israel, opening a foreign office in Tel Aviv and representing your local needs.

Organize Delegations to Israel and the UAE

We organized hundreds of delegation visits to Israel that include business and government leaders. The program runs a dynamic 1,3 or 5 day innovation ecosystem visit to Israeli companies, start ups, VC's, accelerators, innovation hubs, entrepreneurs, universities and governmental offices.


UAE Israel Innovation Office in the Press

Making Headlines


"Das Treffen zwischen Israels Premier und dem Kronprinzen von Abu Dhabi war seit Langem der erste Austausch auf höchster Ebene. Es geht dabei um wichtige Geschäftsbeziehungen..."

"It had been assumed that Startup Nation would turn to the UAE for investment, but a new Israeli venture will be doing the opposite and backing Emirati tech firms...”


"Following normalization of relations between the two countries, the UAE Israel Innovation Office is all set to create a new history together. With its strong technical advancement, Israel could be the ideal partner for the oil-rich UAE and the UAE companies will be able to enjoy the benefits of the technological achievements and innovation Israel has to offer..."

"Gilad Carni, CEO and Founder of the UAE Israeli Innovation Office, believes that “the UAE faces challenges that are similar to Israel in terms of agritech. We were able to work in cooperation with an Israeli Agro Tech company in developing a solution for growing crops in severe environmental conditions in order to meet the challenge of growing food demand and increase the capability of local food supply in the United Arab Emirates.”


Investment & Trade Opportunities Stemming from the Abraham Accords

Founder Mr. Gilad Carni's panel on trade opportunities between the UAE and Israel

“I believe that the way Israeli companies can engage with their UAE counterparts is to build long term partnerships,” says Gilad Carni, founder of the UAE-Israel Innovation Office.


“The Emiratis are big believers in relationships and are there for the long haul. They are less interested in a one-time deal but rather in building and nurturing relationships that will last. It is not only important to build business relationships but also personal ones,” says Carni.


UAE – Israel | Shaping a New Business Landscape

Mr. Carni's panel on the news business opportunities between the 2 countries

Meanwhile, Creative Zone, the Dubai based business advisory firm and Capital Club Dubai recently organized the first in-person UAE-Israel business roundtable conference to advance and speed up the dialogue between businesses of the two countries, as they look at opportunities created by the Abraham Accords.

Leading the roundtable talk were the distinguished panelists: Henrique Cymerman, President of Israel-GCC Chamber of Commerce and renowned international journalist for the Middle East; Gilad Carni, Founder & CEO, UAE Israel Innovation Office; and James Khoury, Co-Founder & CEO, NEWME GCC & Israel Business Consultants. The session was moderated by Lorenzo Jooris, CEO, Creative Zone.


Founder, Gilad Carni, speaks at the UAE-Israel-Bahrain Trade Forum

Founder, Gilad Carni, speaks with writers at the Italian newspaper, Geopolitica.



Tel Aviv, Israel